Lectures in Auriculotherapy

Auriculotherapy in English summer 2022

Welcome to 3 webinar lectures in Auriculotherapy

Each webinar will last 4 hours, and each webinar will have a theme:

  1. Basic Auriculotherapy and pain treatment
  2. Pain treatment – we go deeper
  3. Long-lasting treatment, how to stay pain free

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  • 9th of July 2022
  • 6th of August 2022
  • 8th of October 2022

Time for all three classes:

  • 10 am to 2 pm EDT (New-York),
  • 4 pm to 8 pm CEST (Copenhagen)

Prices for all three webinars:

  • To participate you pay a one time fee off $ 425 USD
  • You can access the replay of the lectures, for up to a month after each class.
    If you miss a lecture, please keep updated on the replay.

Good to have during the lectures:

  1. A silicone ear to practice on
  2. A blue pressure rod
  3. A glass rod

Ear-caoutchPal 250 détouré 300dpiBAT02 Glass rods Sedatelec 300dpi

For these lectures we strongly suggest that you invite a friend that you can practice on during the last 1-2 hours of each teaching day.

1st session: The basics and pain treatment:

  1. Introducing Auriculotherapy and the difference between auriculotherapy and ear acupuncture?
  2. Introducing the VAS, also known as the Nogier-puls
  3. The human reflected on the ear
  4. The skeleton reflected on the ear
  5. The nervous system reflected on the ear
  6. Dermatomes reflected on the ear - Pain treatment along the spine
  7. How to use the blue rod
  8. Point finding with the blue rod and starting pain treatment
  9. Introducing the Neurostabs – how to correct posture easily with a microchip
  10. Testing your new learned skills on your friend

2nd session: Pain treatment – we go deeper:

  1. QA – what happened since last time!?
  2. Anatomy of the ear
  3. Pain treatment with the blue rod
  4. Pain treatment on the reflex zones on the ear
  5. Testing the posture and how to know what to read from it
  6. Introduction two correctional points of the body posture
  7. How to use acu-pressure in the ears with the glass rod
  8. How to use the ear seeds or ASP® semi-permanent needles
  9. Easy pain-treatment with color, Introducing filters and tools
  10. An introduction on how emotional trauma can impact pain
  11. Testing your new learned skills on your friend

3rd session: Long-lasting treatment, how to stay pain free

  1. QA – what happened since last time!?
  2. Body posture points
  3. The jaw
  4. Introducing the insole
  5. What is a Therapy blockage?
  6. How to treat Therapy blockage
  7. Testing your new learned skills on your friend

The teachers are Rikke Godthjælp and Rafael Torres


Rikke Godthjælp
Rikke Godthjælp, owner of GODTHJÆLP Institute located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Rikke Godthjælp has been working with Health and Therapy since 1998. Rikke Godthjælp was the first to make a recognized full education in Auriculo Therapy in Denmark and has been teaching Auriculotherapy, Auriculomedicine, Posturology and Chromotherapy since 2010.

She has traveled around the world to meet with and be taught by the most talented teachers and therapists, to ensure that you receive the best and most up-to-date education. She participated in many courses, congresses, symposia and internships in Denmark and abroad - France, Italy, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

To read more press this link. For translation of the text press the “translation” button at the top right of the page.

Rafael Torres

Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres, owner of Recap Wellness, was the first practitioner in the United States to be fully trained in Auricular Chromotherapy. Rafael has over 20 years of experience in the Health & Wellness industry.

He has learned from Auriculotherapists, Chromotherapists, Posturologists, Soft Tissue and Biomechanic specialists. Additionally, the United States Navy has embraced these Auricular Chromotherapy techniques, employing three therapists trained by Rafael Torres. 

RE.C.A.P WELLNESS www.recapwellness.com

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Rafael Torres og Rikke G